SRL-Environmental, LLC established by in 2017.


SRL-Environmental, LLC provides consulting services for clients in the public, private and academic sectors in the fields of treatment wetlands, water reclamation, biogeochemistry, storm water treatment technologies, aquatic ecology, groundwater recharge, environmental microbiology, alternative wastewater treatment systems, microbial biofilms, molecular biology, multivariate statistical analysis, environmental chemistry, bioremediation, algae biotechnology and other adjacent disciplines.

About Us

Dr. Stephen Lyon, Principal Consultant has 37 years of extensive research in water/wastewater treatment and microbial ecology. His suite of skills and experience spans eighteen orders of magnitude (i.e.dealing with billions of gallons of stormwater in a watershed to parts per billion of a contaminant in surface waters). He has in-depth knowledge of conventional and alternative wastewater treatment systems, bioremediation, hazardous waste treatment, artificial and natural wetlands ecology, groundwater recharge, and biogeochemical fouling.
Specialties: treatment/constructed wetlands, biofilm analysis, wastewater treatment, water reclamation, groundwater recharge, multivariate statistics, surface and stormwater treatment, in-situ bioremediation, algae biotechnology, microbial ecology, environmental toxicology, oceanography, limnology, analytical chemistry, virology, biogeochemistry and molecular biology.

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